All our international warranty claims should be processed through an in-country dealer or distributor, ideally through the place of purchase of the product. Use this warranty claim form only if you are a Hayward IMG distributor and you buy from Hayward IMG.

If you are not a Hayward IMG dealer or distributor you will need to make your claim through an in-country representative or an authorized distributor.

A separate form is required for each product type and/or each different issue. If you have an out-of-box issue you may send in your claim on this form. Most of the fields need to be completed for the best assessment of your warranty claim. You may attach a pdf or jpeg file if you would like to provide additional information. You can print the claim for your records.

NOT FOR US CUSTOMERS. This form is for international distributors only.

*Required field

If the product does not have a serial number or you do not know it, use 111111.